Upcoming Projects

Help to save lives of children with heart conditions.

The FutureHopeUK also have guaranteed to sponsor three (3) pediatric-open-heart surgery with OAUTHC this year 2018. In the month of July, October and December 2018.

Help to give the hope for better future.

The Opening of Food Bank Centre for families with change of circumstances living in Poverty Neighbourhoods both in the UK and Africa (ILE -IFE, OSUN STATE, Nigeria) by December 2018.

Help to release the power within the Nigerian youths for extraordinary result!

The foremost activity we have ahead of us is the empowerment of candidates we had trained in several areas of agriculture under the TFHUK Youths Empowerment In Modern Agricultural Project. We are yet to supply them with Equipments and raw materials in poultry, fisheries, piggery and Crops Production. But the ability to launch this Equipments Project depends on the availability of resources.